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The film was selected for official competition at the world’s (incredible!) premiere animation festival - Annecy International Animation Festival, and also received wonderful reviews: Screen International posted: “Group hugs and friendship are the most powerful forces in the universe, at least in Jungle Beat: The Movie. The first animated feature from Sandcastle Studios offers sweet, wholesome family fare that should win the approval of parents and hold the attention of younger viewers. An established fan base from fifteen years of the Jungle Beat television series and subsequent game provides the obvious target audience for an eager-to-please, good-natured affair.”

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Fneep a Jungle Beat Character
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Grogon a Jungle Beat Character

Little Fneep has come to conquer the planet and has brought some crazy tech with him, including a translation device that lets the animals talk for the first time.

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Jungle Beat is also free to watch on YouTube. Come join the fun!

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