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Sunrise Animation Studio

About Sunrise Animation Studios

Sunrise is a full-service animation studio based in Cape Town, South Africa. Founded by Phil and Jacqui Cunningham, Sunrise has a passion for quality storytelling, and a belief that film and TV are the most powerful mediums for story in the modern era.

Sunrise Studios Building

The company’s mission is to inspire, entertain and enchant audiences worldwide, providing the finest in family entertainment. Sunrise’s first animated television show was Jungle Beat, a series of high-quality animated short episodes that have become immensely popular worldwide, having been broadcast in over 200 countries and across a range of media platforms including TV, cinema and in-flight entertainment. The brand’s YouTube channel has 10 Million subscribers and almost 5 Billion views. Sunrise produced the hit animated feature Jungle Beat: The Movie, and is about to release a sequel, called Jungle Beat 2 The Past this year, and has a series of shorts films and an exciting epic adventure feature film in production.

Sunrise is also a world leader in sports mascot creation and branding, and partners here include The Welsh Rugby Union, Juventus Football Club, The English Rugby Football Union, and current world champions, South African Rugby. 

‘Story’ and ‘people’ remain at the heart of everything the studio does.

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